The Winning Team

It’s election season and I started to notice something I hadn’t noticed before. Politics is very similar to organized sports. You have two main teams to root for. People get all riled up about who will win. Some teams that have a large following also have a large base of haters. These confrontations between the two are always a shouting match of who is better and who will win. “Your team sucks” is the equivalent of “crooked Hillary” or “dumpster Donald”. Although, up until these last few years, it was safer to have a favorite team than to pick a side in politics. Being a Raiders fan wasn’t going to cost you any friends and didn’t impede your ability to get hired at your dream job. The competition was all in good fun. No lives were on the line. Freedom itself wasn’t being challenged. The only chance of a riot was after the championship game and even then, it was in the hometown and only for one night. Now we have “demonstrations” between opposing groups and clashes with tear gas and riot police on a regular basis. We now have confused children that don’t understand why no one can have a civilized talk with grandpa anymore because he is always spouting off about liberals trying to take his guns. There are so many problems and divides now that have made us all reactionary. Everyone has an opinion and we are bombarded by them through all forms of media, traditional and social. Everyone thinks they are on the right side of the fence and that only their team’s actions are for the best interests of the general population. No one wants to lose what all is at stake. Everyone wants to celebrate a victory. But are we heading in the right direction? Are conflict and a championship necessary? Or are we simply doomed to repeat old ways over and over?


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  1. I’m old enough to remember when two friends on opposite sides of the aisle could talk about their opposing viewpoints. They’d have a discussion and smile and laugh. But now I am afraid to let another person know my political beliefs. I’m even afraid to bring up the subject.

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