Since I was a little girl I wanted to be a writer and author yet I rarely put more into it than a dash of desire. I had spurts of writing bliss where I let my imagination run wild but those moments never lasted. In recent years, I changed that desire into hard-work, effort, and a ton of learning. I feel blessed to watch my desires turn into stories. My path has meandered through characterization and plotting, shaping my writing voice along the way. 

No matter what changes occur in my life, I always return to the page. The only time I feel comfortable in my own skin is when I am writing on a regular basis, digging through my words and work for deeper truths and possible tales. I feel blessed to have found a writing community filled with writing allies and the shared ideas. While I am still growing as a writer, and hopefully always will, I am beginning to find roots as I make my way into the publishing realm. 

While I am here to share, I am also here to learn. My story is unfinished and there is work to be done. This blog is a big part of that journey. My wish is that in overcoming my own challenges and struggles, I might connect with others who need it.